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Our Story

In the heart of New Ferry, a small town in England, stands Lumi Place - a community hub and free food shop that has become the lifeline for many residents. The story behind this remarkable establishment is one of resilience, compassion, and unity.

Following a devastating explosion in 2017 that left the town in ruins, the community of New Ferry was left grappling with loss and despair. However, amidst the rubble emerged a group of dedicated individuals who refused to let their town crumble further.


Led by local volunteers, Lumi Place was born in 2023 out of a desire to provide support and nourishment to those affected by the tragedy. What started as a small Zero Waste Shop quickly evolved into something much greater - a place where people could find solace, connect with others, and rebuild their lives.


The community hub has become a beacon of hope for those seeking assistance or simply looking for companionship in times of adversity.

The free food shop at Lumi Place is an integral part of its mission. Here, fresh produce and essential groceries are provided to families struggling to make ends meet. The initiative not only addresses immediate hunger but also promotes healthy eating habits within the community.


Lumi Place owes its success to the unwavering dedication of its volunteers who work tirelessly day in and day out. Their commitment to serving others has transformed this once-devastated town into one filled with renewed hope and optimism.

Lumi Place New Ferry Community Hub and Free Food Shop is more than just an establishment; it is an embodiment of human resilience and compassion. Through their selfless efforts, they have managed to uplift an entire community from despair to prosperity. Their story serves as an inspiration for us all - reminding us that even in the face of adversity, unity can prevail.

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Alex Tomaszewska


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Rinaldo Czyz

Period Poverty and Hygiene Poverty

December 2023

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Sam Jelenski

January  2024

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